Building Limit Signs & Sanitising Stations

These figures represent a 2 sq.m social distance as per Government Guidelines.
They are subject to amendment if needed.

Reception Area                                               2                                                          Sanitising Station
Cobblers/Barbers                                           2
Ambulance Room                                          2
Dairy                                                                 2

Model/Carriage Room                                  3
Goodwood Station Inside                             3
Model & Minerals                                          3

Fishing Shed                                                    4
Shark Display Boat                                        4 (Same Family)                               Sanitising Station

Office                                                                5                                                          Sanitise bottle inside

Slab Cottage                                                    6
Blacksmith area                                              6
Haddows Shop                                                6

Mattress Shed                                                 8
Acutt Cottage                                                  8
Iris Cottage                                                      8
School                                                               8                                                          Sanitising Station
Scout Den                                                        8
Collections area                                              8                                                          Sanitise bottle inside
Cane Machinery Area                                    8
Front Building                                                8            

Vestry                                                                10                                                        Sanitising Station
Fire Station                                                      10                                                        Sanitising Station
Garage                                                              10
Carriage Shed                                                  10
Workshop area                                               10                                                        Sanitise bottle inside

BBQ Area, including undercover Area      14                                                        Sanitising Station

Tractors Shed                                                  26
Church                                                              26 (3 to a seat Same Family can seat more)

Corn Area Demos Seated                             26 (3 to a seat Same Family can seat more)   Sanitising Station
Rope Area Seating                                         26  (3 to a seat Same Family can seat more)  Sanitising Station

Toilets                                                                                                                                                 Sanitising Station
 ( Sign to Advise Visitors to wash hands first and use wipes after use on touched areas.
Flush handle, Seat, Taps, Door handles.)