Urangan Pier Pens


We were aware that council had saved the pylons from the last Pier restoration and approached them to use some for posts in a tractor shed we wanted to build.  When our guys went to the depot to collect them they also brought back a cross beam section from the original pier (Grey Ironbark)

It looked pretty rough (see photo) but one of our guys chain sawed a section off for me and I took it home and cut it down further with the bandsaw.  Extremely hard timber and very dry and full of cracks until I got towards the middle. Managed to get enough to make the pens out of two blocks.  A few failures halfway through turning but persevered and made 50 Biros and 25 Fountain Pens.
If there is sufficient demand, more will be created but this edition will be limited by the availablity of the 100 year old timber and there is not much of it left.

These are in a presentation case and come with an authentication certificate signed by John Andersen (President) and myself.  They will initially be on sale at the book launch on the 3rd March at Sporties Club and also at the Pier Centenary.

After the Pier Centenary, they will be available at the Historical Village in Scarness or by mail order.

The price for these unique  Biros is $25.00 and Fountain Pens $35.00  Post & Packing $8.50 (Australia Wide)

Update.The final number of pens created is 150 Biro’s and 50 Fountain Pens as the authentic timber supply is now finished. They have been ordered from all over Australia.

Latest Update 2020
We have searched our Collections building for a saved slab of Pier timber which we had kept to display as an original Pier timber section. It was a cross beam section of Spotted Gum. We eventually found it and have cut it in half so that we can make a Second Edition of the Urangan Pier Pens. These will be available soon. Contact our Office (4128 4804) to order or click below for an Order Form,


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