We have numerous machinery items from yesteryear and many are demonstrated on our Open Days.
These include Chaff cutters, both mechanised and hand operated, Corn Shellers, Dam pumps, Hacksaws, and a petrol driven washing machine.
The washing machine is quite unique and was an invaluable item if you lived out in the bush without any mains electricity. The result was that the lady of the house had to be a mechanic as well as head cook and bottle washer. They certainly built them tough back then.

These items are all restored by our volunteers and many hours of time go into the restoration and upkeep of this vintage machinery.  It is very interesting to compare these machines with their modern counterparts.

Many are over 100 years old and all are collected from within our local area. Single cylinder petrol engines were the most common power source for driving these machines and we have several in operating condition.
Noticeably absent on many of these machines are proper safety guards and the enclosing of moving parts.
Farmers in particular had to be able to maintain and repair the engines as frequently they were miles from town, apart from the cost of getting someone else to repair it for you.

We have a dedicated mechanical workshop and these machines can be seen operating on our event days.