You will find a range of historic buildings on display at the Hervey Bay Museum. At last count there were 21.

These buildings include a 19th Century church from Pialba, the 19th Century school building from Dundowran, an early 19th Century slab cottage from Kingaroy, the railway station from Goodwood near Childers and many others.

All of the historic buildings on display at the Hervey Bay Museum have been restored and are open to the public. They provide an interesting snapshot of what life was like for the early settlers in this region. We are working on providing disabled access to all our buildings.

At the moment, the Church, the Dundowran School, the Scout Den and The Goodwood Station are all accessible by wheelchair. A new disability ramp is now completed for access to the main Reception building and the Ambulance room to the rear, also to the Carriage shed.
Several other buildings are at ground level, including the 1930’s Garage, The Stables, The Haddows Shop, the Models and Minerals room and the Fishing shed display.
The Blacksmiths area including the Coopers display and the Corn Shelling demonstration area are also accessible.
All of our buildings have been relocated to our site at great expense.
The building to the East of the Goodwood Station was originally the Gem Club building and was situated only 20 metres further East. It was donated to us by the Gem Club and cost approx $10,000 to move it the 20 metres to our site.
A major addition in 2015 was a large building especially designed to house our extensive collection of historic artifacts and for acquisition assessment etc.

On Australia Day 2018 we opened three new displays, a Fire Station to house our 1932 Dennis Fire Engine and also a Cobblers Shop and a Barbers Shop.

We have also completed a new shed to house our vintage tractors with a second shed currently under construction.

The Vic Hislop Shark Display has been relocated to our rear area near the Tractor Sheds.

The Maritime Display opened in 2022 along with a Communications Display

Click here to see an Aerial view of our buildings and also for more details in the various displays