Village Layout

Click here to see a large scale aerial view of our Village and see how big we are.

The Village layout and content of our buildings is constantly changing as we strive to create the best displays for our visitors. We are very much more than the two or three buildings seen from the front. Improved visitor facilities have included a covered BBQ area with hot water and electric barbecues available at no extra charge. We also have added two unisex disabled access toilets. We are currently working on adding disability ramps to several of our buildings.

The first picture below shows the front area of our Village. Walking through past the Pigsty and Blacksmiths you will come to our rear area with many more buildings and displays. With the new land at the back we now cover well over 3 acres. You can expect to take at least two hours to walk around and view all of our displays.
If you find that you are running out of time and would like to come back the following day to continue your visit, ask our Reception for a Pass-Out which will allow you entry the next day at no charge.

The picture below shows our rear area which is in the throes of re development with new buildings being added.
The Fire Station is now completed along with a Cobblers shop and a Barbers Shop. A new tractor shed has been completed with a second shed in progress.