In our Reception area we have a quantity of low priced souvenirs-books.
Many of our souvenirs are hand crafted by our own volunteers so truly represent Hervey Bay and Australia. They are all competitively priced and are perfect to take back home as gifts or as a reminder of the great time you had in Hervey Bay. We give all our visitors a “Magic Wedge” for free  which is a great conversation piece when you get home. In addition, if you visit on a Sunday afternoon, you can help make your own free rope souvenir and a wooden top or goblet. Our demonstrators are always happy to “Rope” you in!

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Local souvenirs made by our Craftsmen

Corn Dolls

Horse shoes, Dice, Welcome Signs, Horseshoe crafted animals etc.

Miniature turned goblets and spinning tops, Top class turned wooden pens

Historical Village bookmarks

Rope souvenirs, Bracelets, Necklaces, Hair Bands, Hair Adornments


Printed sheets in plastic sleeves

Rope Making

Good Manners

Rules for Teachers – 1879 and 1915

Remembering Aprons

Mum’s Clothesline

The Old Slab Cottage (poem)



Hervey Bay – The First 150 Years

They Came and Stayed – A history of Hervey Bay

150 Burrum –History of Howard, Torbanlea and Burrum Heads

The Lamp Still Burns

History of Maryborough & District     1842 to 1924


Commercial Items

Kookaburra and Emu Egg “pets”

Museum Stickers

Fancy Pencil Sharpeners

Various fancy pens, pencils and rulers.

Corn Cob Pipes