Hervey Bay Historical Village and Museum

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Australia Day 2024 Community Group of the Year Winner

Click to see video of Mayor George Seymour  making a miniature horse shoe in our Blacksmiths Shop

A doorway into the past right in the centre of Hervey Bay

The area along the Fraser Coast that has become known as Hervey Bay has a rich history dating back to before Captain Cook first sailed up the east coast of Australia.

Discover what life was really like in the early days

This area is now a major tourist attraction but in the the 19th Century and early 20th Century things were very different.

Life was tough and to survive here settlers needed to be resourceful and prepared to face challenges that are almost unimaginable in this day and age.

A huge display for you to see

The Hervey Bay Historical Village and Museum has managed to preserve some of that early history and now you can walk through our museum that covers 1.2 hectares and:

  • explore 21 buildings from those early days
  • examine 12,000 items, both large and small, in our collection
  • take part in interactive demonstrations of some of the skills those early settlers needed to survive in what was a harsh and untamed environment
  • and discover what life was like for the people who settled this area.

Something for the whole family

The Hervey Bay Historical Village and Museum is a multi-award winning attraction for the whole family that will take you back to a time when life was tough and you needed to be resourceful to survive here in Hervey Bay.

Come and see us and discover how the early settlers built the foundations of what has become today’s Hervey Bay.



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