Tractors are always a good drawcard at any Historical Village or event and our is no exception. We have several fully restored units in full working order. The classic Ferguson TE20 is not only on display but is put to work regularly within our site. This was donated by the “Koala Markets” here in Hervey Bay.
We also have an Allis Chalmers 1950 Industrial model which is used on event days to haul a purpose built trailer so that adults and children can have a free ride. This is very popular.

A second Fergy was donated by Fred  Morris. This has a home made forklift rig attached to the rear.
An International tractor donated by one of our members, Harold Collins, is also a workhorse here as it has a large blade on the front and a carryall on the rear. We would be lost without all this mechanical help.
A second Allis Chalmers rowcrop tractor and a second International complete our collection as of 2015.

A new seven bay agricultural shed is scheduled to be built to house all of our tractors and is hoped to be completed late 2015, early 2016. Fred Morris has generously promised to bear the cost of two bays in this shed for which we are very grateful.