Many of our  souvenirs are created by our own members and are excellent value.
Not only are they unique but they are a permanent reminder of your visit to the Historical Village & Museum in Hervey Bay.

Our Master Ropemaker, Brian Taylor, our highly skilled Blacksmith, Harold Collins and our top class Woodturner, Brian Taylor have spent many hours creating these inexpensive reminders of your trip.
From miniature horse shoes to miniature goblets and spinning tops, from rope bracelets to rope necklaces and hair adornments, they are all worth checking out. No where else in Australia will you find these items.
The metal dice are unique in that they are forged from an original Pialba Railway spike and so are a part of the history of the Bay, as the railway has been removed for some time.

Several of our lady members combined to make the Corn Dollies.
Nothing was ever wasted in the old days so the corn husks were utilised to make dolls for the children.
Corn cob pipes were made from the corn cobs after the kernels were removed.

In addition to these unique items, we have several commercial souvenirs related to the land, Australia and yesteryear. We also have several single sheets related to various aspects of life back then.

While here, you might like to check out our books section.