Rope Making Display

The rope making display is based on two things. One is the replica of the Endeavour, the ship used by Lt. Cook on his voyage along the East coast of Australia. It was during this voyage in 1770 that he saw and named “Hervey’s Bay” after a friend of his in the Admiralty in England, Sir Augustus Hervey. The ship was a converted collier from Whitby and was ideal for the journey. We have on display in the roof area two of the original standing rigging ropes from the replica which is based at the Maritime Museum in Sydney. We think we may be the only Museum to have these items on display.

The second area we cover is rope making as it was done for thousands of years. To demonstrate this we use a 100 year old New Era rope machine as used by farmers last century. We speak a lot about natural fibres being used and have several examples for visitors to see and touch. As part of our demonstrations, we invite visitors to make their own free souvenir rope to take away with them.  Integrated Packaging in Brisbane very generously donate binder twine for us to use in our demonstrations. We rely on generosity such as this as we are totally self supporting.

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Demonstrations every Sunday from 1pm to 3pm

Video Links

Brian shows the ropes of making rope – ABC Wide Bay Qld (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)


Long Rope Making Demonstration

Last century video of Rope Making in Germany