The Vic Hislop Shark Show Display


It is permitted for visitors to climb into the boat (with care) and be photographed.
Turn the wheel and make a noise !!

After rain, the “sea” can be a little slippy.


See below for the story


With the closing of the Vic Hislop Shark Show in 2016 the iconic shark display and boat outside was left to fend for itself. 

It managed to survive unscathed until February 2018 when vandals attacked the two sharks, knocking out their teeth and smashing in the head of one of them. When Vic heard of this he decided to donate the display to the Historical Village & Museum in Zephyr St. for safe keeping.


Relocating the display was a mammoth exercise involving the FCRC and several local firms.

The original display weighed around 8 tons and unfortunately was not sufficiently reinforced to be able to move in one piece.

The first job was to cut away the damaged sharks for later restoration.


The FCRC helped by jack hammering the concrete away from the boat on the 14th March 2018.

They then removed all the broken concrete to the tip, clearing the way to lift the boat.

On the following day,March 15th 2018, Form Direct / ReliableHire brought a large truck and Wide Bay Cranes brought a crane to lift the boat which now only weighed 2 ½ tons  (Inside the boat was still full of concrete). After a successful lift onto the truck, the boat was relocated to the rear of the Historical Village.
Bay  Powder Coating also offered the loan of a truck but it was not needed.
We thank all these entities for their generous support.


 The original sharks will be restored and set in a new concrete base surrounding the boat which will be painted to resemble the sea and waves. A sea/sky backdrop will be painted and installed so that anyone taking pictures of their family in the boat will have a memory to treasure.

All the restoration work on this Hervey Bay Icon will be done by our skilled volunteers.

The large shark which stood over the display is also available but for a price. We have been advised it will be in the region of $4000. This is beyond our means so we are looking for assistance to acquire this item.

Local businesses and also the Community have donated towards the purchase and it is now mounted in the Historical Village next to the Fishing Shed in the rear area.

A plaque acknowledging donations over $100 has been erected along with the large shark.