Various demonstrations are conducted whenever we hold an event.
The following four interactive demonstrations are conducted by our volunteers every Sunday from 1pm to 3pm
Treadling the 100 year old woodlathe, you will be able to assist our wood turner in making a miniature goblet or spinning top. If you don’t want to treadle, you can always purchase pre made items in our shop.
Learn all about corn and it’s many uses in today’s world. get involved in turning the handles to shell and grind the corn. Find out what the husk and corn cobs were used for after removing the corn kernels.
Help the ropemaker by turning the handle on the 1911 rope making machine and learn all about rope making in the last century. Hear how fibres were extracted from the leaves of various plants and used for making rope. Make your own piece of sisal rope as a free souvenir. Check out the Endeavour replica rigging ropes, made in Melbourne 20 odd years ago. (1993)
While in the Blacksmiths area, watch our blacksmith use the forge and the anvil to hammer red hot metal into different shapes. See the sparks fly.
In the same area, check out our new display of Coopers tools and the video on how barrels were made.

These and other demonstrations are also available to school and tour groups by appointment